Fasting for Metabolic Health: ABCs and Myth Busting, an online workshop (with follow-up support)

If you feel you could use a magic boost to your health, metabolism and energy (no supplements or special foods required!)...

...and you think fasting may be just a little too crazy, and possibly damaging...

...please join me, Megan Ayrault, NTP, to discover how easy and healing the right type of fasting can be!

Yes I'm curious!

I'll be covering:

    • Some surprising myth busting!
    • Variations of fasts (from 12 hours to several days) and their various benefits
    • Preparing your body for fasting
    • Precautions to fasting
    • A few specifics for women and fasting
    • And details on a NEW support group coming soon (which will include fasting as one of many topics, all focused on helping your mid-life health and energy by unlocking your mid-life metabolism)

From this recent live workshop (recording is available now) you'll get:

  • A new, flexible way to improve your health and energy!
  • Follow-up Q&A highlights delivered within a week after the live event
  • (Limited) follow-up personal email support for you to get a simple fasting plan going that fits your unique situation

Please join us! 

Only $17, or Pay What You Can!

This workshop is for those who are:

  • Curious about fasting
  • Think "Never, no way, I could never fast" (yet are open to looking at it)
  • Think "That can't be healthy" (yet are open to discovering otherwise)
  • Have tried fasting and it didn't go well
  • Currently fasting, and may be making some health mistakes with it