Overview of Options

Here are 4 ways I help my clients identify, and then turn around, underlying issues with:

  • metabolism, blood sugar and weight regulation
  • inflammation and immune function
  • gut microbiome
  • nutrient imbalances
  • sustainable habit change

... so they can get their health on a better track naturally!


Choose any one, or a combination of, the following 4 choices:

(Additional discount available if choosing more than one of the following.)

1. Individual "ala carte" Consult for Nutritional Therapy and Metabolic Health Coaching:

$175 per session Purchase Individual Health Consult Here


And for the following 3 choices, please either schedule a Clarity Call now (if you haven't already) or contact me again so I can apply any applicable discounts for any combinations, and send you the right link to get started!

2. "Assessment Package": Functional assessments combined with 3 coaching sessions.

Functional assessments include review of nutritional and health intake questionnaires plus a review of an additional lab testing option. The additional testing option (examples include bloodwork, stool or urine testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, etc.) will be discussed and chosen by the end of our first coaching session. (Assessment Package price is for my time reviewing your results, formulating recommendations, and our meetings together. It does NOT include the lab cost of the tests.)

$700 (or $250/mth for 3 mths as payment plan option)


3. Metabolic Makeover Jumpstart Program:

Package of 10 coaching sessions scheduled over 3-4 months. Includes the equivalent of 2 Assessment Reviews within this program. Also includes between-sessions additional coaching support via the private Client Log. (Additional assessment reviews and/or extra coaching sessions may be added on with a program discount.)

$1995 (or $700/mth for 3 mths as payment plan option)


4. Mastering Metabolism & Midlife Health Self-Paced Program:

This is for those who would love to understand more about how nutrition and lifestyle habits interact with your biology, and learn online at your own pace. This program will also help you progress step-by-step through the 5 Phases Roadmap for habit change to support health. May be combined with #2 or #3 with an extra discount.)

$995 (or $195/mth for 6 mths)

Includes option to share this program with a friend or loved one! Just $150 extra for 2 people to enroll in this program together.


Which option, or combination of options, feels right for you?

Schedule a free Midlife Health & Metabolism Clarity Call  to discuss these options or any other questions with me!

Want to explore whether we’re meant to work with each other?
Book your 30 min no-obligation call.

In this complimentary consult you will:

  • Learn more about your own metabolic health signs
  • Get clear on your top priority goal and WHY it’s important to you
  • Uncover hidden patterns that are sabotaging you
  • Get some recommended next steps
  • And by the end of our call you'll know whether my support with Nutritional Therapy, functional testing and Metabolic Health Coaching makes sense for you


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Client Comments

"My body feels so much better! I was really struggling after going through menopause and making poor health choices during the deepest parts of the Covid pandemic. Aside from the specific advice and guidance she provided for MY body, based on labs and questionnaires, the accountability of working with a coach who sent me off with “action items” that I understood was key. Megan’s approach is to truly educate her clients, in order to give them insight into how our changing bodies are working and what they need to work better. Additionally, I found her style of coaching to be gentle and full of compassion."

-- D.K., WA


“My eating was out of control, I was constantly giving into cravings, even eating in the middle of the night. I was very unhappy with what that was doing to my body…. My energy level was chronically low and I was feeling stress, even in everyday things…. [Now] I am down 10 pounds, which is very encouraging and I feel like I have a better relationship with food. Understanding the link between carb intake, insulin levels, and hormone levels has made me much more aware of what is going into my mouth. My focus has changed from satisfying cravings and hunger to nourishing my body….”

— S.N., WA


“I am really glad that I took a chance on Megan’s program. She got into the complexities of my older female body that had long periods of sleep deprivation and high cortisol. I’ve tried lots of elimination diets without feeling any of the great testimonials. Instead of chasing that fix, I now can work on long term changes that will benefit me right away.”

— K.H., WA


“Before I started working with Megan, I was super stressed and easily overwhelmed… I felt like I was incredibly lacking, and every day felt more like a struggle than a joy....

I thought the process of change was going to be hard, but instead of feeling like I had one more item on my "to-do" list, things just started to feel easier. Things that would stress me out before were now just gently rolling off my back….

The change was so subtle, … it was crazy how things felt so different after such imperceptible changes. The process itself was actually stress-reducing and simple, so it seemed weird to me that I'd accomplished so much without feeling like I'd done any hard work!”

— L.H., Bellingham, WA